About us


SVIT Machinery Company s r.o. (Ltd.) follows up a long tradition in production of shoemaking machines, moulds and spare parts in Zlin region of Czech Republic and supplies not only single new and reconditioned SVIT brand machines but also complete production lines and technological units for local as well as foreign customers worldwide.

Thanks to the emphasis on quality, reliability of spare parts shipments and complete service we are constantly broadening our satisfied customers’ base. For beginning shoemakers we offer complete technical and technological support during the start up of their production, for existing experienced ones we supply machines as per their wishes and demands.

For production of injected and vulcanized footwear we supply also complete size assortments of moulds and can prepare also complete designing of required shoe model including respective documentation.

In cooperation with our sister companies we also offer machinery and moulds for processing of polyurethane used for instance in the automotive industry (head rests, packing / linings, seats), vulcanization technical moulds (technical parts, rubber seals, cuffs, mats, aprons, etc.) and glassmaking moulds (cooking bowls, vases, design moulds and other products).

We are here for you.